About Kent Truog

A native of the Pacific Northwest, my interest in documentary filmmaking
and photography first began while attending Boston’s Emerson College. After
dabbling in TV and radio as an undergrad, I picked up a camera and discovered
a passion for visual storytelling while volunteering overseas in 2008.

Since then, I've been fortunate enough to partner with fellow storytellers and
organizations worldwide to document the stories of  young women on the verge
of aging out of an orphanage in Honduras, squatters struggling in an urban
Indonesian dump, teenagers rehabilitating their lives in Cambodia after being
rescued from sex trafficking, and women empowered through coffee farming
in Kenya. My passion for visual storytelling has also enabled me to create
documentaries for the WWF; most recently, on critically endangered
dolphins in Thailand and Cambodia.

I'm currently living in the Philippines working on a variety of projects and would love to chat about collaborate opportunities.

Exploring the World: Frame by Frame